Monday, April 11, 2011

Days 98-100

 Day 98~ The Cat
I was photographing him while he slept and eventually he opened his yes, hopped up and came after my camera. I do bug him a lot.
 Day 99~ The Fish
This is Fourninetynine (as in: "He cost $4.99.") My oldest daughter felt that with college, work and all of her running about, that he would be better off if adopted by her brother. My son agreed, and now Fourninetynine resides upstairs in his room with his other fish, Fish. (Yes, Fish.) I don't think my love for creativity was passed on to them.
Day 100~ The Car Wash
What a gorgeous day! And 85 degrees! We beat our record for the same day back in the 30's, which was 84! So when I went to fill up the van (the gas prices are going up along with the temperature and our local news channel advised us to fill up before it hit $4 a gallon)  I also stopped to vacuum out the van and take it through the car wash.
I'll be getting some more shots of my world today and hopefully get them posted this evening.
Hope you're having a perfectly wonderful day!
XX's ~Jen

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