Thursday, September 30, 2010

Perfect day for yard-saling

 Finished up with school early today and heading out to hit a few yard sales. I'm hoping to come across some more yarn to contribute to the Stripy blanket I've started. Isn't it cute? It looks like a good way to get rid of some of the leftover yarn I have.
I am, however, a bit concerned as to what Malachi  might be up to while we're away...Hmmm...possibly no good?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grand Rapids Artprize

Well, Artprize is in full swing in Grand Rapids and I was able to go down and explore a bit with my family over the weekend. There were so many GINORMOUS exhibits!
You'll have to excuse the quality of some of the pictures. My lens is still not right. I haven't had it looked at yet but I can't really zoom in very close and the auto focus is just flat-out broken. I'm so disgusted that I dropped it. Arghhh! Anyway, happier thoughts below... I love my city :)

 (Made of A LOT of pennies!)

 (Above and below: In front of the Gerald R. Ford Museum.)

(A memorial to the fallen firefighters as a result of 9-11.)

(Looking down to the Beerhorst's Plan B exhibit.)

 The Wonder Wagon

(The Interurban Bridge that crosses the Grand River in downtown GR.)

(This was so cool! This is a whole lot of unwrapped crayons. A lot of children from a local school helped their principal with this mosaic.)

(Look at all this not-junk! I loved this display!)

(Rosa Parks Circle. Figuring out where we were going to eat.)

(Just LOOK at this pig! Isn't he great?! Actually, I'm not really sure if it's a he..)

(A really BIG greeting card.)

(These lions were made of horseshoe nails. This made me wish I had some laying around the house to build something with! On a much smaller scale of course.)

(My youngest daughter and my nephew heading back home for the day. )
If you've never heard of Artprize and didn't catch my last post, here's a link to the Artprize website. People come from all over to experience the art, as well as Grand Rapid's culture and community. If you've never been to Grand Rapids, I know you'd fall in love :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Repurposing- Google image results

Okay, so I can usually see the potential for re-purposing in most items, but I have to admit that some of the items below would never have crossed my mind.

I'm in the middle of refinishing another desk for my youngest daughter and while I wait for the primer to dry I thought I'd grab my lunch and do a Google image search for "repurposed" for some more ideas for her room. My search has returned things that range from awe-inspiring to practical, and odd to that's-just-not-right!
Here are a few I found.

Typewriter Re-purposed into a Keyboard Waffle Maker



Wouldn't they echo? 

Can you say germ trap? This kinda makes me gag a little for some reason.

 I like this one! Looks kind of like a Christmas bow! I found it at a blog called Repurposed.  Loads of re-purposing inspiration!

I really liked the creativity used in finding a new purpose for these "orphaned drawers". So cool!

Of course! What a great idea for dispensing and storing your twine. My twine balls are tangled up in containers!

How's this for a conversation starter? So very strange...but I like it! I found this one on Calamity Kim. It's not her work, but she references the artist in her blog post.

Okay, break's over! Now back to that desk I was working on! If you have any cool re-purposing ideas of your own that I could share, I'd love to hear them!
Hope you're having a blessed week!
xx ~ Jen