Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 Days of Photos

365 project- days 112-117
Well, 6 days have gone by and I'm just now getting my photos up! I'm going to change things a bit here and start doing what I originally planned on doing: A weekly post with 7 days of pictures. As simple as it is to upload a photo and then post it, I have a hard time actually doing it every day. Ugh!
So here are the last 6 days, and then I'll post my daily photos every week beginning next Wednesday.
Day 112~ 
Resurrection Sunday with our family.
Meet Ni-night puppy. This is my youngest daughter's stuffed animal. He apparently wrestled away her I-Touch.

Day 114~
My daughters...I really don't know the answer to the  "why" to this picture. Just being sisters, I guess?
Day 115~
My youngest daughter likes my brother-in-law's bike a little too much.

....Until she found the spider on the right hand glove. She threw those gloves and got off that bike faster than I've ever seen her move!

Day 116~

After the storm. It was so nasty all day, then the clouds broke for a little while in the evening. The way the sun reflected off of them made it look like the sun was shining from the east. It looked like morning, the way the light was shining. So beautiful is the work of His hands!
Day 117~
What you can't see is the bowl of cereal on my son's lap. The only reason they were paying him any attention at all.
Well, sleep tight and have a blessed night.
XX's~ Jen


  1. I love the cloud shot! Wow! LOL..on the bike/spider.

  2. Love the last photo! Cereal...every cat's dream dish!
    Actually i always love all your photos!

  3. Thank you both! I've had a lot of fun getting a little more creative with my camera (only so much to photograph in my house during the winter months). At least we're now getting color outdoors! Yay!

  4. Jen ~ Once again more great pics! I tried to get some with the clouds like you did, but found out it doesn't work as well when you're riding in a van at 55 mph! I did get a nice picture of the rainbow though. I wasn't in the van for that one. :)

  5. I love the cloud shot! Welcome to the weekly posters; I'm Christine from the Chicago area. I faithfully visit all the weekly posters, and the first few lines of daily posters, but I just can't sit at my computer for the length of time required to visit everyone! So it's nice to see you here weekly. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Thank you, Sara. I've tried that too and you're right. Doesn't always work so well! Rachel was so good last night! Such a cutie! And I can't wait 'til next Saturday.:)
    Christine, thank you for the welcome! And for visiting my blog. I know what you mean. I can't sit at the computer for long either. Just here and there through the day as time allows. You enjoy your weekend, too!

  7. That cloud shot is really nice.

    I'm starting Mommytography365 (again), this weekend will be my first new post. I saw your blog on the Mommytography365 weekly sign up and wanted to say hi. :)



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