Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 92~ and Kye's Unusual Hammock

Day 92~
This is a normal view for me in the morning. I usually settle down with my coffee and breakfast on the couch for a little prayer and meditation before I start the day. Kye and Stormy usually hover about on the arm rest or end table. Today it was just Kye. Only this was his seat of choice this morning. It's a little difficult to read like this... And it's not like he just wants to sit on my lap to be near to me. No, he's waiting for what will be leftover in my cereal bowl. When I was finished he got his wish...and I got to read.
Below are some other shots of Kye being Kye (yesterday). My daughter was putting an iron-on onto a shirt and had put the ironing board on the bed instead of the floor since there wasn't much room between the bed and dresser.  She had finished and left the shirt to cool. When I came back and tried to take the shirt off the board it was stuck...heavy. It was then that I saw the little yellow ears. He had climbed into the shirt hanging down and was quite cozy.

Does look comfy, huh?
Hope you are having a blessed weekend!
XX's~ Jen


  1. Now THAT is one entertaining cat! So glad you were able to capture it on "film"!!!

  2. Jen,
    That is SO funny! Rachel and I were sitting here laughing away. Animals just have a way of making us laugh, don't they. :)

  3. I am not kidding, Sara..that cat makes us laugh all the time! He does the strangest things.
    Cindy, thank you for taking Sophia in so she could get get pregnant and then have Kye...and then for giving him to us! ;)

  4. I really do think you got the pick of the litter! Such a funny cat!!


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