Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do you ever sit down to read a good book for "just a few minutes" only to look up at the clock an hour or so later? Well, that's how I feel, only instead of a book, it's been painting! I look up from my work and months have flown by!
My last post was filled with pictures of falling snow. Now I look out the window to green grass and foliage, sprinkled here and there with bright, colorful blooms.
My 13 yr. old son took this!
 He's developed a love for photography, himself, over the past few months.

And the dreams I've had of painting and restorning furniture  to replace the income from my job are in motion. It's not been easy by any stretch but I knew there would be difficulties and sacrifices to make in the beginning. 
Here are some of the pieces I've done recently:

A little Old White and lots of Emporer's Silk Red by Annie Sloan! I just purchased some Paris Gray, so I'll be sharing some of those projects soon.
Until then, be blessed!
Ciao! Jen