Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Word Wednesday- SCRAPPED!

Alright, today will be a few more words than one per picture. I mean I'm Irish! I have to wish you a Happy St. Patricks day! ...Happy Saint Patricks Day!
Oh...and  wanted to post a few of the shots I took for my oldest daughter's senior pictures. This is our "outfit #1" session. I was really surprised that she wanted me to do them for her instead of hiring a professional. Because I'm certainly not a professional! I still have a hard time remembering what lens to use for what and can barely navigate my way through Photoshop! I wasn't about to argue with her, though. Senior pictures are pricey!
I took these at the historical farm we had found last summer. I blogged about it back in August. (Click here to check it out.)
Anyway, as new as I am to photography, she made it easier (being so cute and all! She says I just say tht because I'm her mom...maybe...No I don't think so!)
Hope it's as sunny and beautiful in your neck of the woods as it is here! I so love spring! If it's not sunny, I still hope you're blessed and well. ~Jen

Kye is soakin' up all he can!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I was just thinking...

It just looked dreary as I peered over my cup of coffee into the backyard this morning. To be honest, I thought "This looks like a good day to stay indoors. Blech!!!" But when I stepped out  to pick my son up from orchestra class about an hour later, I realized how wonderful it felt outside!
...Not warm yet, but warmer. Not dry yet, but refreshingly misty with a scent that makes me think "clean". (Kind of like those old Irish spring soap commericals with the green rolling hills...just minus the hills, sun, rainbows and people showering in the trees...okay, so it's nothing like the commercials, but it's clean smelling!)
Everything still looks rather grey and winterish, but there's a bit more life peeking out here and there this week. My son even helped a big, fat earth worm cross the sidewalk to a tree last night at the library.  The sun we had last week was glorious, but this week the rain has washed away the dirty snow that remained and cleaned up the grimey roads and cars. It also lulled me to sleep last night. I love that. I'm just thankful that spring is on the way. Can you tell?! ...Thinking I need to make some garden mint soap soon!
I've not posted much lately so I'll catch you up with at least one of my projects.
First of all, I was very excited to get ahold of farmgirlcyn's stencils. I stenciled one pillow and was hooked! I know I shared the photo of my pillows just yesterday, but here they are again. what an easy way to upcycle old stuff! I would much rather re-purpose things than throw the old away and buy new, so I'm having a stencil heyday with this! I'll share some more stenciled items later.
I got this fabric from the local thrift-store for about $3. The matte fabric paint was $3.29 at Hobby Lobby, and the pillows were old one's I already had that needed some updating. I made the tree patch by painting my tree stamp with the fabric paint and then applying it to the fabric. So easy. So cheap to do!
Hoping you have a cherry day! ~Jen

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Word Wednesday...(for the most part.)

Upcycled !
Ghostbuster! (My nephew)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Word Wednesday