Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 104 and 105

Day 104~
Homemade veggie pizza. This was a nice alternative to our usual once-a-week greasy pizza from Marco's (which is oh-so-good, but oh-so-unhealthy).

Day 105~ 
 My daughter, the drummer... Last night was the second night of a talent show that she and her band played in. There were so many talented kids! Their band did awesome and I'm so thankful that she's taken the gift God has given her musically and has used it to glorify Him and not herself.

I'll post today's picture a little later. I know it looks like I'm getting behind again...but I'm not! ;)
I'm just a little slow this weekend. Still fighting, not only the allergic reaction to the electrodes I had to wear, but now it seems I'm having another reaction to the medicine that's supposed to help the first problem! Geesh... and why do I prefer natural medicine??? Well, it could sure be a lot worse, so instead of going on about it, I think I'll get off my computer, grab my camera, and enjoy this beautiul partly-sunny day! Hope you're having a blessed day!
XX's ~Jen

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