Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 94

Day 94~
A little rushed today, and it's nasty outside, so Stormy served as my object to photograph today. I've probably mentioned that my kids laugh at me because I take so many pictures of the cats, (Especially Kye, because he's so photogenic with that coloring) but the truth is, they're just easier to work with! They don't sigh, roll their eyes and cover their faces yelling "No! I'm having a bad hair day!" I love photographing babies, too, but I don't have any on hand around the house, so cats it is today! He loves to lay next to the water bowl every morning and every night. He is all about having the same routine every day.
XX's ~Jen


  1. Great pic of Stormy! He's so dark you have to have a neutral backdrop for him!

  2. Yeah, he's really tricky for a beginner like me! He's either too dark or the shine from his coat is too bright in some places, yet he's dark in others. And every little bit of dander shows in certain lighting. He's beautiful, but I've not yet learned how to capture that.


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