Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's that time of year.

Yep- winter is upon us here in west Michigan and the snow is delighful! So long as I don't have to drive in it. My husband does, so I'm not crazy about that part. But it's already snowing and blowing and the weather report is that we'll be getting a blizzard this week. The storm system looked HUGE on the radar! When I took the dog out earlier I was getting smacked in the face with teeny tiny snowballs falling from the sky. It's a regular winter wonderland!
To add to the beautiful snow, the Christmas lights are glowing throughout the neighborhood. The old fashioned lights on the round shrubs remind me of gum drops on frosted cupcakes underneath their thick blanket of white.

At my house the special ornaments have been retrieved from dusty boxes in the basement and the kid's handmade decorations from Christmases past are displayed about the living room. My cinnamon, spice and fir scented candles are filling the air with the aroma of Christmas. My #2 offspring seems to think there is something inherently wrong with you if you don't want Christmas music playing 24/7 so when she's awake there's music filling the house as well.
I'm not so convinced that "Jesus is the reason" for this insanely commercialized season anymore, which deeply saddens me, nor am I sure it ever was after looking into it's origins. But I can say that I do still love this time of year. It's just...cozy. I think tomorrow I will turn on the Bing Crosby Christmas music and work on my Christmas cards for a while. Then it's out to the backyard to build a snow man! I found the most adorable little book called Snowmen that I think we'll refrence.

Ahhh...and right now I think I'll grab myself a cup of hot Chocolate.
How's the weather in your neighborhood?  Any snow?

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  1. We can be pretty certain there will be no school tomorrow so a snowman day will be perfect for you!
    We are hunkered down for the next few days ands are only venturing out to possibly cut our tree early this afternoon before blizzard conditions start.


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