Thursday, December 3, 2009

And we begin again...

  How did I ever let such a long string of days slip by me without a single blog post? Where did they go? This seems to be my reoccurring theme these days. Well, if I'm going to be honest, maybe my entire adult life. But especially so in the past few months. Minutes blur into days and then into weeks and just like that! …Those little moments are gone and it's nearly a new year.

  It's not that I haven't been "noticing" the little things. Rather I've not been "noting" them. I would sit down to my laptop, feeling hopeful that I would be able to eloquently get my ideas and visions from my head to my blog, but alas…nada thing. Instead I would fret over what I should or shouldn't blog and then dissect every word and every sentence until none of it would do and I would click "delete".
  I think one of my problems, aside from my own writing insecurities is that I had read something somewhere a few months ago that sort of warped my idea of what my blogging "should" be. The writer believed that if you were going to blog you should never surprise your readers by veering from your "theme", that you should always leave out the personal and so on. Looking back, I probably misunderstood some of what they were trying to convey. But, when I started this blog I guess I really thought its primary purpose was to share my creations and vintage findings, however I couldn't resist writing about other things that mattered to me or inspired me. So it got messy (in my mind anyway).
  So what was my "theme" anyway? Perplexing…Was I blogging to share my Etsy, vintage finds, artful-crafty tidbits? Or to share my stories, my life- me? Herein lies the problem. I can't divide the two. My life (like everyone's) IS art. Hand-crafted and shaped by a creator... and at this point, yes, I'm vintage too. On top of all this I'm definitely a "veerer"! I much prefer the rabbit trails over the expressway. So the answer has to be- Blog about both!
  I know. You're probably thinking "Why all the drama? Of course you can blog about one, the other or both." But that is the big deal! Me, the newborn blogger, has just found her wings. She has been freed from such a narrow "theme". I've recently found other bloggers who have been where I stand. And they've inspired me to not only look at the things I post about as art, but also to look at the one who's posting as art. (Now that I think of it; my husband has always told me I'm a piece of work ;)
  To make sure we're clear; this is a blog about the very imperfect life of an A.D.D. girl who loves God, crafting, family- life! Call it eclectic. That sounds much more impressive than A.D.D.!
  So this is my "tabula Rasa" post. (meaning "clean slate") No more nit-picking over words, phrases or that picture that can't be posted due to the pile of dishes in the background. Nope. Just the real stuff. Art- Imperfections and all.
  My life is full of surprises, art, God, family, adventures, photography, mishaps, crafts, vintage treasures, handmade lovelies, handmade disasters, laughter, tears ...and it's all wrapped up into one big wonderful-weird package! I just cannot divorce my crafting from the everyday life stuff! They're intertwined.


  1. So glad you're jumping in! No worries! The blogging world is VERY forgiving! Just look at me!
    And you are clever to boot!

  2. I love reading a mixture of personal & themes! A blog is essentially a glimpse into someones life. You can write whatever you want. I enjoyed this post as I have some of the same thoughts - I often think "would my readers enjoy this or that" when in fact I should just say "this is my blog I'm going to write what I want". Hope you have a lovely day!
    Renata :)


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