Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Good news for a change

I don't know if you're like me, but I get so weary of BAD news! It seems that's all we get these days. I hear the same monotone voice every morning on the radio rolling out the long list of tragic news stories that developed over night. What a way to start the day! No wonder 18.8 million Americans are diagnosed with depression each year! Geesh!
Well, this was the topic of discussion this evening as we finished dinner and began to wander into the living room. We all love to hear good news, and Lord knows we need it these days.  So as my little clan settled into their seats to relax a bit together, my younger daughter noticed a story on Yahoo! about A "magical chain reaction" at the diner in Philly. A "pay it forward" story if you will. Maybe you saw it? A young couple paid for someone elses meal, then in turn, that person did so for another, and so it went for about 5 hours! What a beautiful chain of good will.
We've been perplexed for some time about the lack of "good" news in the media. Now I'm not saying we don't need to know what's going on out there. I do not believe our heads should be stuck in the sand about the reality of some of the issues we face as a nation or a planet.  But there has to be more going on out there than deficits, war and adultrous Hollywood scandal, right?!  The question then arose, "Is anyone out there reporting exclusively on good news?"
As we do with many things we are perplexed or curious about, we Googled it: "GOOD NEWS!" and you know what? We found some. No... We found a lot!
The thought immediately crossed my mind that I should spread some of this lighter-hearted news by posting it in my blog. Maybe even a couple times a week!
This next story is that of Chinese twin girls that were adopted out to two different American families. One in Chicago and one in Birmingham, Alabama. The orphanage, the adoption agency and both sets of parents were unaware that they were twins, but as the Lord would have it, they would be reunited under miraculous circumstances. What a breath of fresh air~ Enjoy!


  1. Oh dear. Now you've gone and made me cry. That is the sweetest story I have read in a long time. How precious those little ones are!

  2. I was choked up too when I first read it! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful story. I personally need more of these so I figured others might too.

  3. I'll definitely have to read that story.

    I like to wake up to the radio as my alarm clock, the alarm setting is just that - too alarming, I near jump out of my skin. But I find if I set it 10 - 15 minutes before or after the hour I am not waking up with the news which is invariably bad. It gives me a nicer start to the day.

  4. Ooh, good idea Cheryl. So I'm not the only one dodging the news reports these days?! My DH actually called the local radio station the other day and asked if they had ever considered adding at least just one happy story a day to the news...I think they thought he was crazy.


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