Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The things we look forward to...

I love the little traditions that we look forward to enjoying as a family each year... like picking a new "oddest ornament" for the year, dinner at the Chinese restaurant on Christmas day...Spending Christmas eve at my in-law's. Although this year we won't be able to do it on Christmas eve (it will be the following Sunday instead), my mother-in-law has always been so wonderful at creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This Christmas eve my husband and his brother will both be working late, there's supposed to be a snow storm of some sort, and my father-in-law had a substantial heart attack last week so late night visits~ probably not the best idea. We thank the Lord that we'll all be getting together~ period. He is home and healing now and that's the important thing. We treasure the memories we have of Christmastime at grandma Luann's no matter what day.
From here I'll let my photos do most of the talking. These are a few snapshots of the days that lead up to Christmas in our home....

Child #2's odd ornament

Child #3's odd ornament

Child #1's odd ornament

The ornament below would belong to the cats.
It's purpose is to divert their attention away from the tree...

...It didn't really work.
This guy ate it a few days later anyway.

Here is the littlest one, ready to conquer an artificial branch or maybe an ornament.

Looking quite proper sitting upon my ornament crate...

And of course, outside every window, there are children rousting about in the snow.
My rug by the back door never has time to dry with all of the traffic,
and it's quite cold in here with all of the vents covered in snow sopped hats and mittens.

Hoping you have a blessed day today! If you have some of your own Christmas traditions please share them! I have so enjoyed reading about them on many other blogs. ~Jen


  1. I LOVE these photos! So original! Malachi looks so sweet, like he could never do anything wrong!
    Lots of our traditions have fallen by the wayside this year, with many of our kids gone...but I have enjoyed reading yours!

  2. I want to thank you for following my blog! Yours is sooo cute! Well done!

  3. I love hearing about people's Christmas traditions. It sounds like you have some wonderful ones in your family. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.


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