Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Little of This and A Little of That...

What a whirlwind of activities this week! Whew! We've been busy over here making candies and baking Christmas treats for neighbors and friends, trying to keep up on the house cleaning, making sure the gifts under the tree are even between the kids (maybe you know how tricky that can be), a couple side trips to see what's going on at the local thrift shops and then here I am today...not any big plans, just lots of little loose ends to tie up before this Christmas eve storm begins. I hear we're getting slushy rain/snow, then rain, then slushy rain/snow...I wonder if it'll still be white. Hmm...well, I just pray we don't lose our power. (And I really hope it's still white!)
I also have some last minute handmade soap orders to fill before the day is through. I have been so busy, yet totally thrilled that people have enjoyed my samples enough to bombard me with orders for Christmas!!! If you'll remember my humble beginnings just a couple months ago, I really just wanted to try it out, see if I enjoyed it, and have some stocking stuffers for Christmas. Well, I did enjoy it...ALOT! So I made morE...and moRE...and MORE!  I  upgraded my molds, bought more essential and scented oils...And so many people were curious about what I was up to that I shared some of my sample/scrap pieces... they apparently liked them as well.  Because I've sold about 70 bars in the past 3 weeks!!! Yay! How lovely right before Christmas! And that's without even getting a chance to put them in my Etsy shop. I only got one Fig & Brown Sugar up in my shop and it was gone by the week's end! I will be adding some to my shop after Christmas. I just don't dare before. If you're interested in seeing what I've done so far you can see some of the pictures I've taken on my Flickr.
With everything else going on I didn't get a chance yet to share what a relaxing, friend-filled reprieve we enjoyed this past Saturday evening at  Farmgirlcyn's home. Cindy and her DH had invited us to their lovely home for an evening of food, fellowship & was a wonderful break at the end of a very long week. Although this week has been good, last week... not so enjoyable.  I'll spare you the details, but lets just say we're making some big changes around here. Good changes, but changes never the less. I DO NOT do change well at all. Maybe after the holidays I'll let you in on this big life-change. (No it's not divorce or leaving the Christian faith) Anyway, I was drained and in need of some laughter and relaxation. I got both at Cindy's!

I so want a fireplace! Look at her adorable 'gleeful garland' much like that of Dottie Angel's, only Cindy felted hers.... Lovely!

 Our hostess for the evening, Cindy in her cute little apron...

Mmm...sushi! Along with several other yummy hors d'oeuvres.

Even the guys were a bit feeling festive! 

I brought the bacon wrapped dates. No recipe needed. Just half of a slice of bacon wrapped around a pitted date, hold with a toothpick and voila! Pop it in the oven intil bacon crisps and you've got a party favorite.

Dar & Cindy pose for a snapshot...

I was opening an early birthday gift from Cindy. How sweet! A personalized long, wrap apron, a wonderfully scented candle and some homemade granola...

I found that Cindy's cute little crocheted trees could also double as cozy hats for her camels! Don't they looks toasty!

Ollie, her GINORMOUS cat...

Hoping today you'll consider making the time to take a deep breath, take inventory of your many blessings, and give thanks to the God who gave you those blessings (not to mention the deep breath you just took ;) 
Happy Wednesday before "Christ"mas!


  1. We had SO much fun, didn't we??? Everything looks so much better under the lens of your awesome camera! (thanks Jen's mom...what an incredible blessing you are!!!)
    Good friends, good food, good fellowship....all in HIS name!

  2. Have a very happy Christmas!

    Pomona x


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