Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Road Trip Full of Talking Houses

I LOVE road trips.  
 I do! I actually love being stuffed into one vehicle with my family.(really!)
Singing, laughing, sometimes breaking up fights-yes...but mostly just enjoying our time together. I also love going "down-home" to see my parents in Southern Illinois, as well as many of my aunts, uncles and cousins. Although I've never lived there myself, it's where my parent's grew up and where much of the family still lives, therefore it's always been referred to as "down-home". So it was an especially nice blessing this past week to be able to make the 8 hour trip down there. 
I wish it had been under different circumstances (with my parents recently separating) but it seemed to be productive and it also confirmed to us that God is working through this mess and in the end, whatever the the outcome is, it will bring Him glory. I have peace about it now.  
I always love I love watching the changing scenery as we travel here and there. I wonder how different life may be for someone in this house or that along the highway. So many of the old houses we passed must have amazing stories to tell.
  Driving through some of the Amish communities made me wonder at the simplicity of it. Are they more content than most, living such a simplistic lifestyle? I can see how they might be.
What about that old, delapitated house with the grass grown up around it and the junk strewn about the yard? Is the house a reflection of the condition of it's owners heart or life, or are they actually happier with their things scattered around them? Maybe it's empty...
...Or the beautiful, grand farm houses that look large enough to house an entire community? Who built it? Did it see more years of joy and love than tragedy or discord? What is it's history? How many generations have it's walls seen grow up and eventually depart?   
Is this just me being nosey? Maybe, but I think it's that part of me that loves exploring and also loves history. I'm not only intrigued by old houses, but old things in general.
And It feels good to step out of my suburbia bubble once in a while to take a look around- take a look back. That's sort of what we do here in the blogging community, isn't it? Step out of our own world and into others? I love that I can share and then explore around the US, then Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia...even when I can't leave my home.
By the way- Does your house have a story? I'd love to hear it! You can leave a comment or send me an email (which you'll find a link to in my profile.) I'd love to compile your stories (and pictures) as well as share my own, in a future post.
Hoping your day is Cherry  ~Jen


  1. Your photos are gorgeous! Love these.

  2. Thank you for the compliment and for stopping by Beth! I don't know much about photography yet, but practice makes perfect, right?


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