Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Love

 For months I've been admiring the amazing colors and and beautiful work over on Lucy's blog at Attic24.
But since I'm fairly new to crochet and I've made only three very simple blankets, I decided I better find the perfect something before I jump into a project and buy a ton of yarn. Well...I saw it the other day...
And it was love.
(This is Lucy's blanket. Here is her tutorial)

So I pored over colors, bought my yarn and began my project.

I've got just a few done at this point, but I'm getting there. I love that you can just throw a few of these together in the evening or here and there through the day when you can snag bits and pieces of extra time. (Although I'm not really sure what  that is anymore!)
Can't wait to get this finished and on my bed!

I've also been busy with more of my soaps. Looks like I have another big order to fill in the next week!
(Autumn oat & honey)
(More Almond Honey)
(Lemongrass Verbena)
Life is starting to fall back in place and I am settling into the new routine. I'm thankful for that.
Have a blessed night. ~Jen


  1. I think the blanket will be gorgeous! I love the colors...especially the funky green!
    I actually was thinking of asking for some help with a couple batches of soap...maybe next week?

  2. It's a soap-maiking date then Cindy! Just let me know what day.


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