Monday, February 1, 2010

Back To Life

Were you beginning to wonder if I had fallen off the face of the blogosphere, never to return? There have been days in the past month that I actually wondered that very thing. Simply put: The happy new year did not begin so very "happily" for me. I am, however, so delighted to be back, curled up here in my virtual living room, slippered feet kicked up, laptop open and much to catch up on.
In short- We began the first two weeks of the year sick- Flu and cold viruses running amuck through our home. In the middle of our little sick-fest I got a call from my dad informing me that he was leaving my mom. Although I knew the "D" word had come up over the years, I still didn't really expect them to do it after 42 years of marriage. It was quite a blow, but I'm back up, dusting myself off.
Oh yes, and did I mention all of this came about just as I began homeschooling my two youngest kids? I was going to share this in a post at the beginning of January but, as you now know, my January did not turn out as planned. Needless to say; it's been a rough start to a new way of doing school. But we're finally falling into a rythm and it's actually served as a wonderful distraction from my parent troubles. I'm having a lot of fun teaching them, not only through books but also through real life, the arts, God's creation, you name it. I definitely like the structure and security of a curriculum but I also love having the freedom to teach them according to their own learning styles.
Anyway, here are a few snapshots of the past month. There have been many good days in January, as well. I'm thankful to God for all of them.
Girl 1 asleep at the table. That does not look comfortable!

Simon. I think he loves me.


This was not a good day for girl 2. Very sick.

He LOVES baskets.

I found these guys on the bathroom counter one night.
 They're my son's Legos, but this was my husband's creation.
Why they were in the bathroom- I do not know.

Some of the soaps I've made recently.
I've got a couple listed on my Etsy and many more to go.

 Again- It's good to be back!


  1. And it's good to have you back! I LOVE your header photo! What a funny cat he is!!!
    We get knocked down, but we get up again, pressing forward and not turning back. Right? Right!

  2. Life is a bowl of something! I am glad you are getting cherries! Parenting is the hardest job of all, but it sounds like you are doing what you love! Isn't that the very definition of sucess?!


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