Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Googled Christmas Inspiration

Just some winter inspiration I found by doing a bit of googling this morning. Oh, how I love technology at times like this, when I want to travel 'round the world to see how others are decorating their homes and wrapping their gifts for Christmas.
All pictures should link to their original sites. (This is where I'm not always so crazy 'bout technology.) 
Anyway, hope you enjoy and are inspired!
(This makes me want to find new things to wrap!)

Have a wonderfully blessed day! To my blogging friends over there in Europe- I hope you're safe and warm at home, or at least with family, and that the snowstorms let up a bit so you can venture out safely. You're in my prayers and thoughts! Looks as though it will definitely be a white one for you!
Much love!!! ~Jen

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