Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Repurposing- Google image results

Okay, so I can usually see the potential for re-purposing in most items, but I have to admit that some of the items below would never have crossed my mind.

I'm in the middle of refinishing another desk for my youngest daughter and while I wait for the primer to dry I thought I'd grab my lunch and do a Google image search for "repurposed" for some more ideas for her room. My search has returned things that range from awe-inspiring to practical, and odd to that's-just-not-right!
Here are a few I found.

Typewriter Re-purposed into a Keyboard Waffle Maker



Wouldn't they echo? 

Can you say germ trap? This kinda makes me gag a little for some reason.

 I like this one! Looks kind of like a Christmas bow! I found it at a blog called Repurposed.  Loads of re-purposing inspiration!

I really liked the creativity used in finding a new purpose for these "orphaned drawers". So cool!

Of course! What a great idea for dispensing and storing your twine. My twine balls are tangled up in containers!

How's this for a conversation starter? So very strange...but I like it! I found this one on Calamity Kim. It's not her work, but she references the artist in her blog post.

Okay, break's over! Now back to that desk I was working on! If you have any cool re-purposing ideas of your own that I could share, I'd love to hear them!
Hope you're having a blessed week!
xx ~ Jen


  1. Great post! Those are some cool ideas. Now if only I had a wood shop...

  2. I know! I have had that very thought so many times. Then if I HAD a wood shop there would be the issue of not knowing how to use any of it :p


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