Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grand Rapids Artprize

Well, Artprize is in full swing in Grand Rapids and I was able to go down and explore a bit with my family over the weekend. There were so many GINORMOUS exhibits!
You'll have to excuse the quality of some of the pictures. My lens is still not right. I haven't had it looked at yet but I can't really zoom in very close and the auto focus is just flat-out broken. I'm so disgusted that I dropped it. Arghhh! Anyway, happier thoughts below... I love my city :)

 (Made of A LOT of pennies!)

 (Above and below: In front of the Gerald R. Ford Museum.)

(A memorial to the fallen firefighters as a result of 9-11.)

(Looking down to the Beerhorst's Plan B exhibit.)

 The Wonder Wagon

(The Interurban Bridge that crosses the Grand River in downtown GR.)

(This was so cool! This is a whole lot of unwrapped crayons. A lot of children from a local school helped their principal with this mosaic.)

(Look at all this not-junk! I loved this display!)

(Rosa Parks Circle. Figuring out where we were going to eat.)

(Just LOOK at this pig! Isn't he great?! Actually, I'm not really sure if it's a he..)

(A really BIG greeting card.)

(These lions were made of horseshoe nails. This made me wish I had some laying around the house to build something with! On a much smaller scale of course.)

(My youngest daughter and my nephew heading back home for the day. )
If you've never heard of Artprize and didn't catch my last post, here's a link to the Artprize website. People come from all over to experience the art, as well as Grand Rapid's culture and community. If you've never been to Grand Rapids, I know you'd fall in love :)

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  1. Wow - that looks like such a fun place to visit! I love the wagon - looks like fun to explore!


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