Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Simple Things

Pretty things that I found with my camera this week...
I went for a walk through Cindy's garden again...
 You know what I found?
My creative vibe!

I know! She still can't explain why it was in her garden, but whatever... I found it.
It's amazing what a little walk around the yard, garden or neighborhood will show you if you're searching.

Then I went home and looked a little closer at the every day objects in my house and tried to see them... I don't know...differently.
Then I photgraphed my soap, because I've gotta get on the ball and get all my scents listed.

 I hope everyone is fairing okay in this heat wave we've had. Have a blessed week and stay cool!


  1. Love the second picture~and the soaps look lovely! Laura

  2. That Queen Anne's Lace with the blue sky background is stunning!
    Glad I could help you find your mojo!

  3. Thank you! I'm still not sure what half of the features on my camera are for, but I'm getting there. Same goes for photoshop, but it's been fun learning so far. :)


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