Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Morning Of Veggies and Pit Dogs

What a  great day for the farmer's market and Fulton street shopping.
I brought along some of my favorite people.
My sister-in-law, nephew and daughter.
I love the smells, the sounds of the musicians playing,
people talking and laughing and all of the color everywhere!
Vegetables, fruit, fresh cut flowers...
So much eye candy!

You would think a 4 year old would get bored quickly,
but he seemed to enjoy all there was to take in, too.
We got stuck beneath a rain cloud for a few minutes,
but tucked ourselves snugly under the awning of this antique shop
before scooting over to The Blue Door; another one of my favorite antique shops.
Then it was on to the Dog Pit over on Monroe for a not-so-health-concious lunch of chilli dogs and sodas.  
I even got a strawberry Crush, red dye and all...but it tasted divine!
I love Saturdays downtown.
...Hope you're having a good weekend :)


  1. I couldn't turn down a chili dog if I tried! Sounds like a fun day, and what beautiful weather we had!

  2. Your post is about things I really like: to be with favorite people on a colorful market with smells, sounds, veggies, fruit, antique shops; eat some chilly dogs and drink some sodas.
    Thank You for sharing.

  3. Farmgirl Cyn: I hadn't had a chili dog in probably a couple of years. Yes, it was yummy, even tho' it was probably full of nitrates and additives! Lol!;)
    DUTA: Thank you! And I love your blog, as well. It takes me to places I will probably never be able to go myself. It's interesting to hear about them from your perspective, and you have a way of bringing me right there. Always a good read. I'm honored that you would take the time to comment on my little blog :)

  4. OH antiquing! Wish I could come. :)
    Jess at Blog Schmog

  5. Jess, I love antiquing! One of my favorite things :)
    I've made a few more trips to my fave. shops, but have had some things going on in life that have prevented me from blogging much about things I'm up to these days. I hope to be back at it within the next week. Thanks for commenting and have a blessed day! :)


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