Thursday, April 8, 2010

An "eclectic", long overdue, springtime post.

"Eclectic" just sounds so much better than "A post crammed with all of the things I've neglected to blog about for the past month", Doesn't it? I've been around...reading everyones posts and all, just not posting as I should. Sort of incognito, you know?
 Anyway, I do hope you'll forgive me for the gap between posts. If you've followed me for any length of time, you know I'm not always the most consistent blogger. But in my own defense; it's been gorgeous around here up until this week and I've been busy spring cleaning around the yard and in the house.
My backyard is green again!
Some of my seed-starting pots.
Even Kye wants to be outdoors- This is a favorite perching place.

I've been planting my cool-season veggies, and got my seedlings started, cleaned up the flower beds, and put a good dent in the weeds in the garden! So with all that going on I've neglected my blog!
So to remedy that, I'm doing some "spring cleaning" in my picture files, and at the same time will catch you up on the happenings in this cherry life of mine.
Girl 2 had a birthday! She's now 14. Wow, how'd that happen?!
They were snuggling on the comforter she got for her birthday.
On a couple of the more Michigan-esque days (cold & rainy) I painted the living room, hall, and part of the kitchen. I've had the paint since last spring! It was time to just do it.
Since I was going to paint them anyway, we turned the walls into a giant slate to practice memory verses? They also wrote the different  fruits of the spirit throughout the hall. Peace, patience, kindness, love etc... I've wondered if we should have those permenantly engraved in the walls as a reminder!
Then there was the occasional self-portrait...
The cats enjoyed watching us work and tried their hardest to get paint on themselves and the floor. Luckily they didn't succeed!
A few days later Kye had to take a trip to the vet to be neutered- poor guy. This is him shortly after he arrived back home. I'm happy to report he's feeling much better now.
This is what I find on my camera when girl 2 or the boy get a hold of it! They've been busy snapping pictures themselves of things that interest them. I guess one of girl 2's interests is odd animal nicknacks???
Simon's enjoyed being outdoors more, too... although the extra exercise still hasn't put much of a dent in his weight problem. I'll have to share Simon's story with you, and how he came to be the overweight, loafy pup that he is today. Maybe I'll save that for later this week.
Our nephew came over on this day as a ghost-buster- Dr. Peter Venkmen, I think. His dad made him this proton pack. Pretty nifty! He's got an amazingly creative mind. The visit  before this, he was Indiana Jones.
I took a time-out to hang out with my friend, Jenifer one afternoon last week. This is the little boy she takes care of each afternoon. I'm a tad bit jealous of her. I mean, look at his little face!
And then there's the continual reminders, that keep showing up here and there, that my oldest daughter is about to become an adult. Ugh!
We took a few more senior pictures. I snapped this one when she wasn't posing, but like it.
But she was posing for this one...
What a trend-setter. Just like the models in anthropologie, don't you think?
For Easter my good friend, Terra, came over. I'm so undeserving of her friendship! While she was here she made us a delicious dinner and then breakfast the next morning! How sweet is that?
That's another story I'll have to share: How I met Terra. God's fingerprints are all over that story.
(The boy with his bed-head this morning.)
So that's it in a nutshell...
Busy, but so blessed. I hope you are, too!
Have a cherry day!

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