Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Word Wednesday- SCRAPPED!

Alright, today will be a few more words than one per picture. I mean I'm Irish! I have to wish you a Happy St. Patricks day! ...Happy Saint Patricks Day!
Oh...and  wanted to post a few of the shots I took for my oldest daughter's senior pictures. This is our "outfit #1" session. I was really surprised that she wanted me to do them for her instead of hiring a professional. Because I'm certainly not a professional! I still have a hard time remembering what lens to use for what and can barely navigate my way through Photoshop! I wasn't about to argue with her, though. Senior pictures are pricey!
I took these at the historical farm we had found last summer. I blogged about it back in August. (Click here to check it out.)
Anyway, as new as I am to photography, she made it easier (being so cute and all! She says I just say tht because I'm her mom...maybe...No I don't think so!)
Hope it's as sunny and beautiful in your neck of the woods as it is here! I so love spring! If it's not sunny, I still hope you're blessed and well. ~Jen

Kye is soakin' up all he can!


  1. I would pick you any day over a pro! These are so good!!! Course the model has something to do with it, I suppose!!!

  2. Thanks Cindy. Yes, the model has much to do with it and the camera has also!
    I see this flaw and that when I look through them, but figure I'll know better what to do and what not to do as I learn.


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