Monday, August 24, 2009

A Saturday afternoon

Saturday my husband was out of town.
So I, along with child #1and #3, set out on a mission to find pretty places to photograph.
We had so much fun exploring places we didn't even know existed.
I'm not a professional photographer by ANY means, but I do love both old and pretty things and taking pictures, so why not?!
This was my first time really venturing out with the purpose of finding things to photograph.
I love altered art and mixed media so maybe this fall when I have a little more time, I'll work with some of the pictures I took.
But that's not really even what I sat down to write about.
I just realized how many details I miss every day because I don't take time to look.
Somehow just looking at the world through a camera lense causes me to see details that I don't normally take notice of.
It was so nice to just take the time to "stop and smell the flowers" and enjoy exploring the world around me with my kids. The sky was gorgeous, everything was so green, the temprature was perfect...
And you know, I didn't even hear any "I'm bored" exclamations until a few hours into our trip.
What a beautiful day.
And what a wonderful God that created it.


  1. those are some beautiful photos Jen! this sounds like something my BF would do, just take time to look at God's beauty with her children. I so love that about her!

  2. Thank you! I don't do it enough. Thant's for sure. But it sure is good therapy, and it's much more affordable ;o)

  3. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    That is great that you are getting into homeschooling! Have you checked out "The Conservative Homeschooler"?
    I spend most of my computer time there!


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