Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 90

Day 90~
Mid-morning snack.
My 12 year old son had been craving blueberries ever since he discovered a bag full of them in the freezer. Grandma had brought them over a few weeks ago and I still hadn't used them. By Tuesday he had decided he would take matters into his own hands and find aunt Jill's recipe for blueberry bars. He did, and he made them entirely on his own. (Guess he really wanted those blueberries!)
I enjoyed one this morning...apparently Simon wanted to enjoy one as well.
That boy can make some killer blueberry bars!
XX's ~Jen

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  1. Good for Kenny! That boy knows his way around the kitchen, for sure! Now, no more posting of sweets on the blog. I am limiting my carbs, ya know.


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