Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Summer "I Will" List

As you may have noticed, I've been pretty scarce lately: A delinquent blogger.
My oldest is graduating from high school today and I have had a very long "to do" list for weeks. 
I'm a list kind of girl, but I've grown very weary of them lately. A wave of rebellion washed over me earlier this week and instead of chipping away at the aforementioned "to do" list, I got out my soap and art supplies and created for a while. It felt good. I then rumaged through my room to find the notebook that contained an "I will" list that I began this spring, when the leaves were still nothing more than buds.
Of course I can't just toss my "to do" lists out the window, but this list will definitely accompany it.

I Will;
Drink my morning coffee outdoors
Sit with my sweetie by the fire out back, even if it means the dishes have to wait until morning.
Relish going barefoot.
Go on more photo hunts to discover interesting places to shoot
Take evening walks alone with God and, hopefully, will do less talking and more listening.
Take advantage of beautiful Lake Michigan and spend more time there w/ my family
Stop and savor the sounds, smells and sights of the season
Open the windows for fresh air more and crank the air conditioning less
Take the time to journal my art and prayers
Allow myself more freedom in the kitchen, even if it turns out terrible
Go hiking on a trail I've never been to before
Play volleyball, basketball, tennis- whatever- with the kids out in the yard more
Stay up later with the girls to watch cheesy old movies or to go for ice cream runs
Take my son for more walks to the gas station for a treat
Play Legos on the floor w/ him
Lay across the kid's bed's more when "tucking them in" to talk

I know the craziness is just beginning today with graduation. Her open house is at the end of the month and there's a lot to do, but I will deliberately take the time to slow down once in a while so this summer doesn't slip away with much done, but little truly gained.

Be blessed today ~Jen


  1. What a great list! I may have to make a list of my own! I think sometimes people spend so much time worrying and stressing that they just forget to be.

  2. Aw....I LOVE your list! Wish we lived closer....I think we could go on some evening walks together!

  3. Yes, I have forgotten to just "Be" lately, so it was time to slow it down and rethink my priorities :)
    Cindy, that would be great! Maybe one day we'll move out to the country like you.


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