Friday, July 10, 2009

It's my dad's birthday today...

I'm not one to get all sappy about most things. Sentimental- yes. Nostalgic- yes. But not sappy. (That was always my sister.)
However, It's my dad's birthday today and I'm feelin' all sappy inside.

(Dad's senior picture)
Why all this inner-sappyness over a birthday? Well, it's been about a year that he has been cancer-free and today I guess it struck me how blessed I am to still have a dad to wish a happy birthday to.
He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma shortly after I lost my sweet friend Michelle to breast cancer, and just before the passing of my husband's biological father to colon cancer. Needless to say, I am very thankful to God for allowing us more time together.
I still tend to take that time for granted (and about 8 hours of highway prevents us from seeing one another very often). But today I wanted to stop and really be...well...thankful...and yes...sappy.
And reguardless of all the things he says he wishes he had done differently while we were growing up, I really had a great childhood! He filled it with silly songs to wake us in the morning, his crazy antics to make us laugh, and all the love two little girls could have ever wanted from a dad.

(Dad's senior citizen picture (Just kiddin' dad!))

Yep...I really am thankful.

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  1. Happy B'day to your Dad. I came by to become a follower. I hope you have a great weekend.



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